Compare and Choose: Reviewing the Best Teak Outdoor Dining Sets

 best teak outdoor dining set reviews

When the weather is warm, you want to make the most of it. And there’s no better way to do that than by investing in an outdoor patio dining set—with teak being the wood of choice. You’ve no doubt already come to this conclusion, so now you just need to pick the right set for you. We’ll help you choose new patio furniture by reviewing some of the best outdoor teak dining sets available. And we also give you a great tool to comparison shop.

As you probably know, teak is the highest quality wood that you can use for outdoor furniture. Grade A teak is a very dense wood containing high concentrations of protective oil that make it resistant to damage from insects, water, fungus, and rot. Teak can also be very easy to care for. A good thorough cleaning about once a year is all that’s really needed to preserve outdoor teak furniture in a naturally aged silver patina.

If you want to preserve the warm golden color of new teak wood, you can do that too. There are a number of products that you can use that will require just a little bit extra elbow grease on your part, also about once a year. The bottom line is, your teak patio set will last a long time—it might even outlive you—so you want to pick the best one you can.

We’ve developed a comparison chart that includes all the highest rated teak dining sets available for sale from online merchants. The beautiful thing about the Internet age that we live in today is how easy it makes activities such as comparison shopping. Years ago you would have had to drive across multiple states to be able to compare and contrast such a wide selection of furniture. But we’ve done the hard work for you, so do you can easily find the best outdoor dining set for you and your home. The comparison table lets you sort all the dining sets by various categories such as number of pieces, overall length, shape, and price range. This allows you to easily narrow down your options and decide upon your new teak dining set with little hassle. Here’s a quick breakdown of the categories we used to make the chart:

Number of Pieces

Outdoor dining sets range from small 3-piece bistro sets to lengthy, extending 13-piece sets for you and all your cousins. The size you want to get will depend on how much space you have on your patio, how large your family is, whether or not you have children living at home, and if you plan on entertaining for large gatherings or not. The sets are listed according to the number of pieces, so they’re always an odd number because the table counts as one of the pieces. So just remember, for example, that a 9-piece dining set will give you seating for 8 people with the 9th piece being the table itself.

Table Length

The length of the table is an important factor to consider if you plan to keep your dining set on your deck or patio. You want to make sure that you have enough room for it. The length listed here is the maximum dimension for the table when fully extended if it’s an extending table. If the table is round or square, then obviously the length and width will be identical.

When using a measuring tape to measure the space you have available on your patio, remember to account for the space that the chairs on either end will use up. You also want to give people a little bit a space to be able to walk around the end of the table. I would suggest making sure you factor in at least 3 feet of space at the end of any long table if you plan to have one of the chairs for seating there. All the lengths are given in inches.


There are four basic shapes of dining tables that you can get: circle, square, rectangle, and oval. If you have a preference, you can quickly sort the chart according to shape so that you can compare all the tables of the same shape against each other.

Price Range

Prices never stay constant. Sometimes a particular dining set will be on sale, and many online sellers normally list furniture sets for a discount price that is well below the standard recommended retail price. So rather than listing the exact prices here in the chart, we’ve broken down the prices into groups by approximate price range. Each dollar sign will represent about $500, so a set that sells for about $1500 will appear in the chart as $$$. Please keep in mind that these prices are approximate only, as they can change at any time. To see the current price of any furniture set, click on it’s name to see a full description.

Please have fun playing around with the chart. We spent the time putting it together so that you can easily sort through and compare a huge number of furniture sets according to the specific categories that are most important to you. if you want to see more detailed information and reviews for any furniture set, simply click on it’s picture or name and you’ll be taken to the full description page.

Happy furniture shopping!

(We also put together another chart showing all the best teak benches.)

Read on to see our top picks for the best overall round table and long table teak patio sets.

PictureDining Set# of PiecesTable SizeShapePrice
round table 4 piece teak dining setThree Birds Casual Oxford Table with Sedona Chairs536"circle$$$$
Wholesale Teak 9-pc oval set with Grenada chairs994"oval$$$$
9 piece teak patio dining setWholesale Teak 9-pc Grade A teak rectangle dining set994"rectangle$$$$
Teak Station 7-pc Warwick foldiing table set768.5"rectangle$$$
5 piece grade A teak dining set 48 inch round tableWholesale Teak 5-pc round dining set548"circle$$
Wholesale Teak 7-pc dining set with trestle leg table794"oval$$$
Wholesale Teak round ding set with stacking chairs548"circle$$
11 piece outdoor dining setWholesale Teak 11-pc oval dining set11117"oval$$$$$
Wholesale Teak double extension table with Giva chairs794"rectangle$$$
Amazonia Teak Newcastle dining set987"rectangle$$$$$
teak butterfly folding table dining setWholesale Teak butterfly folding table set with Giva chairs548"circle$$
folding chairs teak patio setTeak Station double extension table with folding chairs794"rectangle$$$
13 piece teak outdoor dining setWholesale Teak 13-pc double extension table with Giva chairs13117"rectangle$$$$$
Wholesale Teak 7-pc oval table with stacking chairs794"oval$$$
Amazonia Teak Belfast oval dining set995"oval$$$
Teak Station 7-pc rectangle table and Cahyo stacking chairs794"rectangle$$$
Amazonia Teak Eden 5-piece set535"square$$$
Wholesale Teak 9-pc rectangle dining set with Arbor arm chairs9117"rectangle$$$$
Teak Station Granada 11-piece teak dining set11117"rectangle$$$$
Wholesale Teak 9-pc rectangle table with Giva chairs9117"rectangle$$$$
Wholesale Teak oval table with stacking chairs set794"oval$$$
13-piece luxurious teak patio dining setTeak Station Giva 13-piece teak dining set13117"rectangle$$$$$
Teak Station Giva 11-pc teak dining set11117"rectangle$$$$$
Teak Station double extension dining set with Lua chairs994"rectangle$$$$
Amazonia Milano square teak table with 8 chairs958"square$$$
9-piece-teak-patio-set-bayviewBayview Patio 9-piece double extension table w/ Patara armchairs984"rectangle$$$$


Our Pick for the Best Round Table Teak Patio Set

Our top choice for the overall best circular outdoor dining table set is Wholesale Teak’s 48″ Table & Arbor Arm Chairs Set.

5-piece luxurious grade-A teak dining set

There’s nothing extra fancy or gimmicky going on with this set. It is just simply a very classy 4-foot round table with 4 standard arm chairs. I personally like the stability that you get with this table design and prefer it to a butterfly table. With this style, there are no connecting support pieces to get in the way of your feet. It’s just more comfortable in my opinion. It doesn’t fold up like a butterfly table would, but how often would you really want to fold up and hide your beautiful teak table anyways?

The armchairs are a really nice comfortable design, with just enough curves and detail so as to not be boring. And the table has a convenient hole in the center for a patio umbrella. A round 4-foot table is a great size and shape if you have limited patio space to work with. It’s also the best design for a more intimate and cozy furniture set. If you don’t think you really need a long table for 8 or 10 people, then a smaller round table is really a smart choice. It’s also one of the more affordable teak patio sets—you can sometimes find it selling for just over $1000. Click here to see the best price for this set on Amazon.

Our Pick for the Best Long Table Teak Patio Set

Our number one overall pick for the best long table teak dining set is Bayview Patio’s 9-Piece Double Extension Table w/ Patara Arm Chairs Set.


In my mind, this is the best teak patio set that you can find for under $2000. The fact that it comes with a full set of complimentary seat cushions just makes it even that much better of a deal. The double extension table design is ideal because it leaves the umbrella hole intact when the table is in its compact state. When collapsed, it is the perfect size for 6 chairs. Put the extensions in, and it fits 8 people comfortably.

Not only is the product made from top-quality materials, but the selling company’s customer service is outstanding. In addition to the complimentary seat cushions, they also provide an optional professional sealing service. For a little extra, this is really a great added option because it allows you to enjoy the set right away and not have to think about maintenance for the wood until the next year. It also shows that the manufacturer knows what they’re doing when they suggest sealing to the customer instead of an oil application. Click here to see the current price of this set on Amazon and read all the positive reviews it has gotten.