Golden Care Teak Protector

Golden Care Teak Protector

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To keep teak patio furniture looking fantastic for many years use teak protector once a year. It applies very easily with the lint free application cloth that comes with the bottle of Golden Care Teak Protector. You should wait until new teak furniture has faded color slightly to become a pale yellow before applying teak protector for the first time.

Clean your outdoor teak furniture well before using teak protector. You can use warm water mixed with a little dishwashing detergent and a couple tablespoons of bleach. Or else, Golden Care also makes a teak cleaner which works very well.

You want to apply just enough teak protector to coat the surface of the wood. Less is better, but make sure that you get every surface including between slats of chairs and benches. Teak protector can restore the honey color of teak. If you really want to bring out the color of your teak furniture, you can give it a light sanding before applying the teak protector. However, this is not necessary. A good cleaning followed by an application of protector will have your old teak furniture looking almost like new. If you do decide to sand, make certain than you’ve wiped down the surface of your teak furniture thoroughly before applying teak protector to remove any dust.

Use once a year for best results.