11 Piece Grade-A Teak Dining Set – Large Oval Table and Stacking Arm Chairs: Review

11-piece grade-A teak dining set - large oval table

If looking for a good quality, large-sized patio dining set, this 11-piece teak dining set with a large oval table and 10 stackable armchairs should do the trick. This is the perfect outdoor set if you like to host family get-togethers or entertain guests. With seating for 10 there is plenty of room for everyone at the table. Fully extended, the table reaches 117 inches long, which is just  short of 10 feet. The table is also 42.5 inches wide and 29.5 inches high. If you don’t need the table to be that long, you can fold away the butterfly extensions to be left with a length of 82 inches, or a little under 7 feet.

The chairs are built very solidly. The seats measure 24 inches wide by 22 inches deep. And the total height of the chairs is 35 inches. You can stack the chairs one on top of the other for easier storage. The teak chairs have a nice rounded contour to the seat and back, which makes them quite comfortable even without cushions. Of course outdoor seat cushions will make for a softer sit.

This is a very large oval table. You could set up a large buffet for an outdoor picnic. It would also be a great place to celebrate summer birthday parties. But it’s also luxurious and elegant enough for a fancy outdoor diner for the adults. The table also comes equipped with a 2 inch hole for a patio umbrella. The only slight disadvantage with a table this size is that your umbrella would have to be huge to provide shade for all the guests.

Take care of this table by giving it a good thorough cleaning at least once a year with a teak cleaner or warm soapy water and a non-metallic scrub brush. That will help it to look bright, soft, and free of dirt and blemishes. As with all outdoor teak furniture, you can expect the color to fade over time to become a silvery-grey patina if you don’t use a teak sealer or protector. If you ever really want the tan, honey color to come back, you can always give the teak wood a very light sanding to expose wood that is still thick with natural resin.

Overall, Grade-A teak should last a lifetime. So you could very well pass this 11-piece teak dining set on to one of your children someday.