36″ Solid Teak Indoor/Outdoor Shower Bench


A stunning solid teak shower bench with a simple, elegant design. This sturdy, durable 3-foot long bench is made from high quality teak wood. It’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It would work well inside a large indoor shower, by an outdoor shower, next to a swimming pool, or in the garden.

A sturdy seat with a smooth finish makes for comfortable sitting, no matter where you decide to place this bench. Teak wood is full of natural oils that protect it from water damage, making it the perfect wood to use for outdoor furniture or bath and shower furniture.

This is a large sized teak shower bench, measuring 36 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 18 inches tall.  It provides a large, stable sitting surface. It would be a great item for a larger, walk-in shower to give a place to sit while washing your feet or shaving your legs. It could also work just as well inside a sauna, or for extra sitting by the pool or jacuzzi.

This bench is priced quite reasonably for an item crafted from solid teak that will last for many, many years.