55″ Grade A Teak Wood Outdoor Garden Backless Bench Review

Are you looking for a simple piece of outdoor furniture to add a little something to your back porch, patio, or garden? One idea to consider is a backless bench. Not as common as a regular backed bench, a backless bench is a bit more unobtrusive. For durable quality that will last years and years, you simply can’t go wrong with teak wood as your material of choice.

55" Grade A teak wood outdoor garden backless bench

This is a beautiful teak backless bench that will go great in your garden or backyard. It has a very smooth sanded finish. It’s very comfortable for sitting on and easy on the eyes as well. It has a bit of an Asian inspired element to the design.

Some assembly is required using a rubber mallet to pound dowels into the holes provided. This bench is all wood construction, with no metal screws or bolts. You may wish to use a wood glue when putting it together to ensure the joints fit as solidly as possible.

When fully assembled, this backless teak bench can comfortable seat 3 grown adults or 5 smaller children. It’s 55 inches long, which is about 4 and a half feet. The seat is also 16 inches wide and 17 inches tall.

Versatile uses

This bench is very highly recommended because of the quality teak wood used, the elegant and sturdy design, and the very reasonable price. After you get one, you may like it so much that you decide to get another.

You could have it by your pool, on the patio, in the garden, by your front door, or even indoors. As shown in the photo, it could also work as a coffee table.

You could also set up a bench like this in your bathroom or a hallway as a place to store towels or display collectible items. Really the uses are endless. It all depends on your imagination.

Made from high quality teak wood

This particular backless bench is made from unfinished teak wood. In order to protect the wood from color fade, you may wish to protect it with Semco teak sealer.

The only big downside to this bench is that it has no back, which is actually kind of the point of the design. Still, if you like to sit for a lot time and your core muscles are on the weak side, you may wish that you had purchased a traditional style bench with a back and armrests. If that happens to be the case, then a really great model I’d recommend is the 4-foot Newcastle bench by Amazonia.

But if you are digging the backless bench design, then this is a great one to get. The seller, Wholesale Teak is known for top-quality products including some of the best-selling teak dining sets, such as the ever-popular 5-piece round dining set. As you can be assured of great quality and service from the company, I feel confident recommending this bench as a buy for anyone looking to add a nice little piece of sturdy teak furniture to give their outdoor living space something a bit extra.