Regency Teak Carmel Adirondack Chair

regency teak adirondack chair

These days, everyone is looking to find ways to enjoy time spent at home more. To truly relax at home, you need to have comfortable furnishings. And since your backyard is an extension of your house, you can’t neglect outdoor furniture.

Some people go out and pick up huge outdoor dining sets, but you may want to start out furnishing your backyard a bit more modestly. The perfect way to start is with 1 or 2 Adirondack chairs.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Adirondack style of lounge chair, you’ll be pleasantly surprised the first time you try one out. It’s an extremely comfortable design for sitting in due to the reclined angle of the backrest. This style really helps take a lot of weight off your lower back, so it’s cozy to rest in for a long time.

The extra-wide armrests are also super handy. Besides doing a great job of giving you a place to rest your arms, they make excellent mini side tables. Perfect for resting a drink, plate of food, your favorite novel, your laptop or tablet, etc.

teak adirondack chairs

Regency Teak makes the perfect teak Adirondack chair for the backyard. Made from plantation grown Grade-A Indonesian teak wood. This chair will last for generations in your family.

When new, the chair has a lovely caramel color, which will naturally fade in the sun to a light silvery gray. No real maintenance is required for the lifetime of your Adirondack chair besides an occasional washing to keep dirt or dust off it. But if you want to maintain the golden color, you can do so with a teak sealer treatment one yearly.

Find out why the Adirondack is one of the most popular designs ever for outdoor chairs. It’s very comfortable, with a curved backrest and wide arms that you can use for any number of purposes.

You can certainly buy cheaper chairs, but when you consider that this teak chair will probably outlive you, then you can see that it’s a worthy investment.