Best Teak Shower Bench and Stool – Buying Guide

Here’s your official buying guide for the top teak shower benches and stools. There are lots of choices for these popular bathroom furniture pieces, so we’ll help pick the right one for you!


Why get a teak shower bench?

The best reason to buy a shower bench is because of teak wood’s water resistance. Teak lasts for many years and is especially well-suited to the shower due to its natural water resistance. You’d be smart to get yourself one.

Teak shower benches also make great gifts. They’re a perfect present for a birthday, wedding, or Christmas. Anybody in your life who appreciates fine things will love one. It’s the ideal surprise for someone you care about because it’s a small enough item to wrap and transport easily, but big enough to say “you’re worth it”.

These hardwood shower furniture items really spice up the bath area, giving it an elegant yet warm touch. There’s just something about wood that makes us feel close to nature—and at bath time especially so.

Top Shower Benches and Stools

Teak furniture makers are always coming out with new variations of the beloved shower bench, but some of the top designs have been around for many years. So with that in mind let’s review at all the best models that you can buy today.

Best Small Teak Shower Bench – 18-inch Asia Bench by AquaTeak

aquateak 18 inch asia teak shower bench

The number one overall teak shower bench (and best smaller model) is the 18″ Asia Shower Bench by AquaTeak. It has become a modern classic, influenced by the timeless traditional design of Japanese hinoki bath stools. Just one look is all it takes to fall in love with this beauty.

The design really is chic, minimalist, and enduring. In fact, it has even been featured in Architectural Digest Magazine. The smooth, contoured hardwood teak seat is matched by stainless steel hardware and rubber gripped feet for superior stability.

Many imitators have come along, trying to ride on the coattails of AquaTeak’s success. But it’s hard to improve upon the perfection of this original standout.

The A-frame legs of solid hardwood give amazing support for anyone up to 250 pounds. Teak is an incredibly dense material, so you’ll be surprised by the weight of this stool when you first pick it up—it’s a full 19 lbs (about 9 kg).

It’s large enough to comfortable seat most adults and yet it’s small enough to not get in the way. It has a simple, slick design that looks fantastic in any shower or bathroom. On top of all that, it’s easy to assemble and comes backed by a 5-year warranty.

18″ Asia Shower Bench Pros

  • Simple, stylish, elegant design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Practical for daily use
  • Fits in any shower
  • Assembles easily
  • Made from high-quality teak wood


  • May be too small for very large individuals


Best Large Teak Shower Bench – 36-inch Spa Bench by AquaTeak


If you are looking for the best large-sized teak shower bench, then look no further than the 36″ Spa Bench by AquaTeak. With a full 3 feet of width—or twice as wide as the Asia Bench—the Original Spa Bench as tons of room.

You can use the extra space to provide better seating for larger-sized individuals, and also take advantage of the generous area contained in the lower shelf.

Use it to store your gels and lotions, body scrub salts, brushes or foot-scrubbing stones.

Outside of the shower, this item would also make a very beautiful furniture piece that you could fit in nearly any room of the home. For example, you could keep it near your front door and use the bottom shelf as a shoe rack. Or maybe you could place it under a window in the living room to hold some houseplants or art object.

Like the Asia Bench listed above, this top quality item is made from super dense, ultra-durable, solid teak wood. It weighs in at a full 22 lbs (10 kg). It’s also backed by a 5-year warranty.

36″ Spa Shower Bench Pros

  • Made of high-quality teak wood
  • Durable construction
  • Large space for seating and storage
  • Can be used in multiple rooms


  • May be too large to fit in some showers


Best Teak Corner Shower Bench – 15-inch Kai Corner Bench by AquaTeak


The 15.5 inch Kai Corner Bench by AquaTeak is the best corner shower bench to get if you want a small seat to keep in the shower that will mostly stay out of the way.

The concept for this bench is quite simple: it provides a mini seat and shelf for your bath area, but stays tucked away in the corner.

Like AquaTeak’s other offerings, this model has solid teak construction, rubber no-slip foot pads, and comes with a 5-year warranty.

The main disadvantage is the limited size. At only 15.5 inches, it doesn’t provide a ton of seating or storage space. If you want something slightly larger, then one of the other models would better suit your needs.

If you just need something smaller and cute to adorn one corner of your shower, though, this style really cannot be beat. My parents have a really small walk-in shower, and this lovely corner bench was a perfect addition to both spice it up and add functionality.

15″ Kai Corner Bench Pros

  • Beautiful design
  • Saves space in the shower
  • Sturdy, durable solid teak construction
  • Assembles easily
  • 5-year warranty


  • May be too small for some users


Best Shower Stool for Sitting – Sumba Lotus Teak Shower Bench by Aqua Teak

sumba lotus seat shower bench

Next up is the Sumba Lotus Teak Shower Bench by AquaTeak. This item is probably the best suited for getting actual sitting use.

It features a curved seat for comfort and stability in the shower. There is no shelf built into the lower support brackets, so this item definitely falls into the category of a proper stool. If shelving is not of importance to you, then I think you’d agree that the clean lines of this teak stool make it a very attractive little addition to the shower area.

Sumba Lotus Shower Bench Pros

  • Beautiful design
  • Curved seat for comfort
  • Sturdy, durable solid teak construction
  • Perfect size
  • 5-year warranty


  • Lacks a shelf for storage space.

No matter which of these shower benches you chose to buy, you’ll be sure to get much use and enjoyment from it for many years to come. Be sure to clean your shower furniture in order to help extend the lifetime of the product while maintaining a great appearance.