Best Teak Shower Caddy & Organizers – Buying Guide

Looking for the best teak shower caddy or natural hardwood bath organizer? Let’s examine all the top teak shower caddies in this buying guide.

We’ll cover why teak is such a great material to use in the bathroom, what makes a great caddy design, and also review the top models of teak shower organizers available.

teak shower caddy bath organizer

Best material?

Simply put, teak is the best wood to use around water. The oil found in teak wood keep it safe from moisture. For this reason, it’s the favorite choice for shower benches and bathroom stools

Since teak is a naturally water-resistant wood, we like to use it in professional spas, home showers, steam rooms, resorts, bathroom accessories and other places where water or moisture is going to be found.

In these places one wants a beautiful and fashionable design. Instead of using plastic, metal, or other materials that are not a good fit in an elegant bathroom design, teak is a good option for a shower caddy or organizer material.

What makes a great teak shower caddy design?

Teak Shower Caddies have become incredibly popular in recent years due to their water resistant durability and the beautiful, professional look one brings to both personal showers and the best resorts and hotels. The trick is finding the right Teak Organizer for your shower, weighing the pros and cons of each different design, because one caddy does not fit all.

You want it to look good, be functional for your unique needs, and be able to fit where you need it in your shower. Also, teak is not a cheap wood to buy, so making sure you find the right product is important to a great long-term investment that you will be happy with for years to come.

Our Top 3 Teak Shower Caddy Picks

Below are the top 3 teak shower caddy models along with their product information, reviews, and considerations for buyers.

Spa Teak Oval Shower Organizer

Spa Oval Teak Shower Organizer

The Spa Oval Shower Organizer by AquaTeak is, as the name suggests, a vertically oval-shaped bathroom organizer with two shelves running horizontal with railings to ensure your hair care bottles and other toiletries do not fall. The shelves are made of slatted teak, allowing water to run off of your items and not pool on the shelves. This teak wood caddy is built using sustainably harvested, 100% solid teak wood. It is easy hanging and provides storage for shampoo and conditioner. It features 2 washcloth hooks, 2 razor ports, and a soap tray.

This Oval Shower Organizer gets excellent reviews, with people praising it for being unlike most shower organizers, which are usually cheap, made of plastic or metal, and do not have the necessary storage. Everyone likes this caddy design because it is durable, can hold all of the items for anywhere from 2-5 people, and you have the ability to customize it personally. The design is stylish and attractive, and it has been featured in Architectural Digest Magazine due to its appealing design to fit with any bathroom.


Original MOA Small Teak Shower Caddy

Original MOA Small Teak Shower Caddy

The Original MOA Small Shower Caddy, also sold by AquaTeak, uses the same 100% solid teak that was sustainably harvested. This teak shower caddy is in the shape of a vertical rectangle with two different shelves that allow the shower water to run past, avoiding pooling. This bathroom organizer features stainless steel, non-corroding hardware that is used on one of the shelves, acting as a railing to keep the items from falling off of the shelf.

Buyers like the functionality and style of the Original MOA Caddy because it is very sturdy and holds up well to water—specifically, avoiding any weak spots and mold. Others love this organizer for the warm look that teak wood gives their shower, as well as the elegance it brings to the bathroom. It is also praised by those with stand-alone showers with short necks, for it is of high quality and a great fit for any shower.


Ginsey Blissful Bath Caddy

Ginsey Blissful Bath Teak Shower Caddy

The Ginsey Blissful Bath Caddy by Ginsey is a teak shower caddy of similar design as the Original MOA Small Teak Shower Caddy by AquaTeak. However, instead of a vertical rectangle design, Ginsey has a bowed-oval design that utilizes an anti-slip, coated wire neck to hang onto the shower head. It contains two flat teak shelves arranged in vertical fashion, and uses stainless steel for the railings to avoid falling items.

The Ginsey Caddy is the lesser-known bath organizer and least functional out of the shower caddies reviewed here. While it is made of durable teak, and contains two spacious shelves that can hold multiple bottles, toiletries, and has an integrated accessory hook and razor holder; the stainless steel used to keep the items from falling off the shelves is thick and may not be rust resistant in the long run. Some people like this shower organizer due to its size and ability to fit several shampoo and body wash bottles as well as their razors, but others have an issue with the metal loop that attaches to the neck of the shower head, with a general agreement that it doesn’t have an appropriate rubber grip and therefore, it would cause the whole shower organizer to slide down the shower head tube.

Which teak shower organizer to buy?

So to sum up, we feel the AquaTeak oval model is the cream of the crop when it comes to natural teak wood shower organizers. It looks fantastic and has ample storage space for all your shampoo and body wash bottles, loofahs, and other bath necessities.

That said, everyone has their own tastes and preferences, so the other two models shown above are also great choices.