Semco Teak Sealer

Semco Teak Sealer Review

Semco Teak Sealer is the highest rated product available for maintaining the beautiful golden color of new teak wood. Unlike so-called “teak oil”—which gives teak a short-lived cosmetic improvement at the cost of drying it out further—Semco Teak Sealer forms a barrier that prevents the teak wood’s natural oils from evaporating out at the surface. …

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starbrite teak oil

Starbrite Premium Golden Teak Oil

Starbrite Premium Golden Teak Oil is the best oil treatment for marine teak and hardwood patio furniture. Out of all the various teak oil formulas for sale out there, you’ll find that this one gives the best long-lasting color to your precious teak wood furnishings. What’s in Starbrite’s Premium Oil? This is actually a good …

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TotalBoat Danish Teak Sealer

My general recommendation for those who want to protect and preserve the color of teak wood furniture is to choose a teak sealer rather than a teak oil. TotalBoat Danish Teak Sealer is one such sealer that is simple to use, effective, and produces a beautiful result. Originally developed for protecting teak wood features on …

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Total Boat Teak Oil

Total Boat Teak Oil is used to restore teak to its natural golden color. Originally developed for marine teak on boats, this product has also become quite popular for those wishing to treat teak outdoor furniture. Furthermore, it can be used on other types of hardwoods and softwoods such as mahogany, maple, acacia, cedar and …

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aqua teak premium teak oil

AquaTeak Premium Teak Oil

If you own a teak shower bench or other hardwood bath furniture, you’ll want to take care of it to keep it looking great. AquaTeak Premium Teak Oil is one product you may want to consider since it’s produced by the same folks who create some of the best-selling teak shower stools. Your indoor teak …

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