Why You Should Buy a Teak Shower Seat

teak_shower_seat In a modern bathroom, you will always find a shower seat. There are different types of shower seats in the market today. Some are also installed as a built-in-tiled shower seat while others can be moved. However, it is important to understand that a teak shower seat will always stand out in your bathroom for the obvious reasons. They are more comfortable than plastic or tiles and are also warm to give you the needed comfort. So what are some of the benefits of going for a teak shower seat and what are some of the great designs in the market?

Benefits of a Teak Shower Seat

corner teak shower seat

The main reason why people go for this particular seat and not any other is due to the fact that teak is a more durable material than any other. Teak wood is sturdy and strong. This means that you don’t need to worry about any premature breakage or damage.

It is the perfect wood variety to use for bathroom furniture because of its natural resistance to water damage. The secret is in the high concentration of natural oils within the wood itself. Many teak shower and bath furniture items come with an oil treatment on the surface, but this is not strictly necessary in order to maintain the health of the wood.

Teak wood also ages gracefully. Other materials will look ugly with age. That’s not true with teak. The color fades to become attractive gray. You do not need to decorate your shower seat when it gets old.

There are other benefits of teak shower seat aside the aesthetic ones. The seats can be made for added comfort by contouring to the body. This means that if you can’t stand for long for various reasons then you don’t have to worry. They can also accommodate other décor and paintings when other seats can’t.

Bath Seat Designs

folding teak shower bench

Rectangular or square shaped seats are the most popular in the stores. They can be placed against the wall or the corner of your bathroom. Some have shelves under the seat where you can put some of your accessories and save on space.

Triangle or corner teak seats are the best especially if you have a limited space. Folding teak shower seats are appropriate for those who don’t use their bathrooms regularly. They can be folded easily and put away if it’s not in use. Teak seats with adjustable legs are also the best for the elderly or the physically challenged who are either comfortable with higher or lower seats.

Instead of a medical plastic or metal built-in bench, you can go for a built-in teak shower seat for the handicapped or the elderly. It gives your bathroom a clinical feel since the teakwood is warmer than a metal or plastic.

When choosing the right teak seat, there are several factors you need to put into consideration. Your budget is the first thing because you want to get the best seat for your money. The size of your bathroom should also be considered before you buy a seat. If you plan for a bench to fit in your shower, make sure you measure the space you have available before ordering a new bench to fill that space. There are also various finishes that will suit the color of your bathroom. All you need to do is choose appropriately. You may also need professional installation if it will be mounted on the wall, since installing can be hectic—unless of course you are handy with tools.