Comparing the Best Teak Garden Benches

grade A teak 5 ft bench

A teak bench is one of the most popular types of outdoor furniture for the garden or patio. A nice solid wooden bench has a kind of timeless quality to it. It gives your outdoor living space a certain charm and also invites you to stop and sit down—to relax and enjoy the fresh air. When shopping for a new teak garden bench, you basically have three things to consider:

  1. quality
  2. size
  3. design

You could also probably include “price” in this list, but generally, price and quality are two sides of the same coin. There is a lot of truth to the old adage: “You get what you pay for.” So, when trying to evaluate the quality of a product, one general indicator of quality is the price.

That doesn’t mean you necessarily have to buy the most expensive bench in order to get good quality. But it does mean that if a particular piece of furniture has a price that looks too good to be true, it may just be an item of inferior quality. When dealing with teak wood, the highest quality is grade-A teak. This comes from the heartwood of mature teak trees and has a very high natural oil content, which protects the furniture from things like water damage, mold, and termites.

The size of your outdoor bench may or may not be of large concern to you. For example, if you’re going to set the bench out in the middle of your garden or under a large shade tree in your backyard, then the difference between 4 feet and 5 feet might hardly be noticeable. However, if you plan to place the bench on your front porch and need to make sure that it won’t block the door, then you should be sure to use a measuring tape to check exactly how much space you have available for the bench in the spot where you intend it to go. The size of most benches is given in either feet or inches, with the length of course being the most important measurement to consider.

The final area of consideration is the style of bench you want to get. Broadly speaking, there are standard benches with a back and also backless benches. Beyond this, there are more and less elaborate designs used to form the back of the bench. You’ll also want to closely look at the seat. Some bench seats are perfectly flat, while others have a contour which is intended to make them more comfortable. If you plan to spend a lot of time sitting on your bench, it might be worth considering getting one with a seat that has some contour to it.

We’ve arranged some of the best-selling teak garden benches in a handy comparison chart. You can click on any of the pictures or titles to see a full description of each bench. The width of each bench is listed in inches, and an approximate price range is also indicated. For this, each “$” will represent approximately $200, but keep in mind that prices sometimes go up and down, and sometimes you can find an item on sale if you have good timing.

We also put together another helpful chart showing the best teak dining sets.

Read on below the chart to see our pick for the best overall teak garden bench.

ImageBenchSize Price
jewels of java teak garden bench Jewels of Java Teak English Garden Bench - 4 ft.48 inches$$$
chippendale teak bench Natural Teak Chippendale Outdoor Bench59 inches$$$$
Jati Furniture 5 foot bench Jati Furniture 5 ft Teak Bench60 inches$$
grade A teak 5 ft bench Grade-A Teak Wood Luxurious 5 Feet Bench60 inches$$
4 ft. Chipenndale Teak Bench48 inches$$$
Teak Derby Bench52 inches$
Buckingham Teak Curved Bench69 inches$$$$$$$$$$$
buckingham backless curved Buckingham Backless Teak Curved Bench64 inches$$$$$$
three birds casual victoria garden bench Three Birds Casual Victoria 4-Foot Garden Bench48 inches$$$
amazonia newcastle 4 foot Amazonia Teak Newcastle 4-Feet Bench48 inches$
occasional bench Grade-A Teak Occasional Bench34 inches$
luxurious five foot garden seat Luxurious 5 ft. Teak Garden Bench60 inches$$
bench with storage 5 foot Teak Garden Bench with Storage59 inches$$$
three birds casual 4 foot backless bench Three Birds Casual Charleston 4-Foot Backless Bench48 inches$$
55 inch backless seat garden bench 55" Teak Backless Seat Bench 55 inches$
three birds casual classic 5 ft teak bench Three Birds Casual Classic 5-Foot Bench60 inches$$$$
three birds casual Victoria 5 foot bench Three Birds Casual Victoria 5-Foot Bench60 inches$$$$
amazonia 4ft natural brown 4 ft. Outdoor Teak Patio Bench48 inches$$
aqua rose collection 4 foot indoor/outdoor bench 4 ft. Solid Teak Outdoor Bench - from the Aqua Rose Collection51 inches$$$
6 foot trolley car teakwood 6 ft. Trolley Car Solid Teak Bench71 inches$$$
Three Birds Casual 6 ft Charleston backless bench from solid teak Three Birds Casual Charleston 6-Foot Backless Bench72 inches$$$
5 foot backless Three Birds Casual Charleston 5-Foot Backless Bench60 inches$$$
72 inch backless 72" Teak Backless Bench72 inches$$

Our Pick for the Best Teak Bench

There are a lot of great teak benches in the chart above, but our overall pick for the top bench is Three Birds Casual Victoria 5-Foot Garden Bench.

three birds casual Victoria 5 foot bench

It’s not the cheapest of the benches by any means. But, as you know, typically you get what you pay for, and in this case you’re paying for a very high-quality piece of teak wood outdoor furniture. This Victoria style bench has a very classic and elegant appearance. I like the way the back has a slight curve towards the ends. In my opinion it looks a lot better than a back that cuts completely straight across. I also prefer a 5-foot bench to a 4-foot bench for the obvious reason that it provides more room. When you’ve got 3 or 4 people sitting on a bench, the extra 12 inches of space makes a big difference. Plus a 5-foot bench also makes it easier to lay down along the seat—you never know when a catnap might strike your fancy.

Some of you will of course prefer the smaller 4-foot bench, so that is also a good option if you find the shorter length more suitable for your needs.

When you order the Victoria bench it requires some assembly, but it’s a piece of cake to put together. It will probably take you about an hour tops. You can tell that the wood is good quality teak and has been crafted with care. The surface of all the pieces is smooth to the touch. The teak wood itself comes from Indonesia, where they have been harvesting teak on sustainable plantations for a while now. And the manufacturer, Three Birds, provides a 3-year warranty, so you can buy this one with confidence. Click here to see the current price it’s selling for on Amazon.