Double Asian Teak Shower Stool or Bench Review

double asian shower stool teak

The double Asian teak shower stool also makes a nice little bench. This is a very solidly built, sturdy shower bench made form 100% Indonesian teak wood. The wood is very dense and heavy, with the shower stool weighing 29 pounds (13 kilograms) in total. You will notice right away how stable this bench feels. There are also rubber pads on the bottom of the legs to make sure it doesn’t slip or slip around on wet bathroom tiles.

This is a nice, extra wide shower stool. The seat dimensions measure 29.5 inches wide by 14 inches. And it stands 18 inches tall. It combines the sleek appearance of a classic Asian shower stool with extra size for more support and additional space.

There are so many useful applications that an Asian teak shower bench such as this would be perfect for. Obviously it is a useful item to have in the shower. Use it to sit down when you want to get at hard to reach places or when you want to shave your legs. You could also keep it outside the shower as a place to store towels or other bathroom items to keep them off the floor. It will definitely give your bathroom a more elegant look. Another great use for this Asian bench would be outside in the garden. Think how nice it would look if you set up a little Japanese style Zen garden. It would also make a nice little welcome bench to keep near an entrance way. And a sturdy teak shower stool would also be a great addition to a pool or sauna area.

This stool is made from plantation grown Indonesian teak, which is sustainably harvested. Teak has natural resistance to moisture damage and mildew. But this shower stool has also been treated with teak oil by the manufacturer to enhance its appearance. You may want to reapply a light coat of teak oil if you notice the finish fading color.