Golden Care Teak Cleaner Review

Are you an owner of teak outdoor furniture? If so, you want to keep your furniture looking great. The good news is that it’s not difficult to clean your teak and make it look fantastic.

The best way to keep looking great is to give it a good cleaning once a year with teak cleaner such as this 2-in-1 cleaner and brightener from Golden Care. It is very simple to use, but you’ll definitely notice an improvement in the appearance of your teak after cleaning it well. golden-care-teak-cleaner-review

If you have a teak table for outdoor use, you may get stains from food spills from time to time. It is also inevitable that some dust and dirt that gets carried by the wind will settle on the surface of your outdoor teak furniture.

Teak wood also naturally changes color over time. When teak furniture is brand new, it will appear a bright golden honey color. Then as the natural oil of the teak wood evaporates from the outermost layer of the wood, the color will start to fade into a silver-gray patina. If you don’t clean your teak furniture periodically, the gray patina can darken unevenly to become more of an ugly shade of gray with greenish overtones. To prevent this from happening, you should clean teak patio furniture at least once a year.

Golden Care Teak Cleaner is very simple to use.

First, you just use a bucket or garden hose to get the surface of the teak furniture wet. Then you apply the teak cleaner all over the surface of the wood using a sponge, cotton cloth, or the scrubbing pad that comes with the bottle of cleaner. Next, you wait for about 5 minutes to give the teak cleaner some time to do its magic. After that, you use the scrubbing pad or a non-metal bristled brush to scrub lightly in the direction of the grain. Finally, you can simply hose down the furniture with water once again to rinse and allow it to dry.

The results of using Golden Care are pretty fantastic.

Old, weathered teak wood comes out looking nearly brand new. It takes a little bit of time and elbow grease on your part to do the scrubbing, but it’s well worth it. And actually, Golden Care will save you time over most teak cleaners. That’s because this is a 2-in-1 cleaning and brightening formula, whereas most other teak cleaner brands require you to use two products—a cleaner and then a brightener—which means you’d need twice the scrubbing effort.

If you plan to use a teak sealer or teak protector to further help preserve the color of your teak furniture, you should always clean the furniture well beforehand. Make sure to wipe the surface of the furniture with a cloth before applying sealer or protector to make sure there is no dust.

I generally don’t recommend to use any so-called “teak oil” products on your teak furniture. These products are actually mostly composed of linseed oil, and rather than giving outdoor teak furniture long-lasting protection, they make the wood dependent on future oil treatments.

Basically, if you decide to use a teak oil, you’re going to have to reapply it every 3 months. Teak wood already has natural oils that protect the wood from water damage. It does not need any outside oil applied. In fact, if oil is applied in excess it can be a cause for mildew growth.

It is much better to care for your teak patio furniture once a year by cleaning it well with a teak cleaner and then leaving it alone. Or if you choose, you can apply a teak protector after cleaning, which will help the wood maintain color for a longer period of time. Teak wood is some of the strongest and most durable wood you can find. An occasional cleaning is all that it really needs to keep looking great for a lifetime.