Grade A Teak Double Sun Lounger Review

If you want a seriously high-quality piece of wood furniture for your patio, look no further than this multi-position teak double sun lounger. It’s built like two solid chaise lounge chairs placed side by side. The multi-position design is brilliant. This double lounge chair is effectively reversible. Each end can be raised up to create an elevated backrest, allowing you to face the most ideal direction according to the sun. But best of all, the two sides move independently. This way a couple can sit propped up facing each other.

teak double sun lounge chair facing sides

Each side has it’s own slide out tray for holding a beverage. One end of this double lounger does have wheels in case you want to move it around, although because of it’s size you’re probably going to want to find the best spot for it and keep it mostly parked in one place. Still, if you want to move it to keep it in the shade, the wheels are a nice touch. Keep in mind that because it’s made from solid grade-A teak, this lounge chair weighs over 100 pounds.

This double lounge chair is made from only the finest grade-A plantation grown Indonesian teak. Interlocking mortise and tenon joints were used in the construction of this fine piece of furniture. The smooth wood is left natural and untreated, as high-quality teak should when first buying it. As it ages, the lounger’s color will fade to a light gray. Treatment with a teak protector will help it stay looking beautiful, although it’s not strictly necessary in order to extend the life of the wood. Teak wood of this quality will not have any trouble even if you keep it out in the elements year-round.

If you are willing to spend a little bit of money to get a great outdoor furniture piece that will last for many, many years, then this double sun lounger is really a pretty good deal.

grade-A teak double sun lounger