Grade-A Teak Wood Rectangular 24″ Shower/Bath Floor Mat with Rounded Corners Review


Teak Station’s Grade-A Teak Wood Rectangular 24″ Shower/Bath Floor Mat with Rounded Corners is an ideal floor mat to keep water from the shower from splashing all over the bathroom floor. This mat will also prevent slipping as you are stepping out of the shower onto a smooth surface such as tile.

This Grade-A Teak Spa Floor Mat is made from the same top quality materials that many five star hotels use. This mat can be used all year long since it is made from premium teak which is resistant to moisture and weather conditions. The mat measures 24 inches long by 18 inches wide and is inch high. It is made from 100% new teak, but has been treated with a with a “natural” finish which gives it a tan brown color. This should gently fade to a handsome gray over time.

This mat is easy to assemble. In just a couple of simple steps it is ready to be used. Under the mat are rubber feet to help prevent slipping and movement as you are stepping on it. The mat will dry on its own. You do not have to dry it or worry about it staying wet for periods of time. This will eliminate the issue of mildew or other materials growing on it.

Many customers that have purchased the Teak Station 24″ Shower/Bath Floor Mat are satisfied with the results. They love being able to get rid of their old cloth bath mats which stay wet for a period of time and feel soggy. As you probably know, if cloth mats are not dried properly they also start to smell—teak doesn’t have this problem. This mat will add a great touch to any bathroom. It dries quickly and will not slip or move, plus it looks absolutely fantastic.

The only downside is that the mat can leave a reddish stain on the floor underneath, particularly on white or light-colored tiles. It’s an unfortunate result of the coating placed on the wood by the manufacturer, which is not really needed. You could scrub and sand the mat to remove the stain from the wood and expose the bare teak for a more natural look.