Minwax Teak Oil


Minwax teak oil gives protection for dense woods such as mahogany and rosewood. It penetrates deep into the pores of wood to block damage from water and UV rays. Gives wood a rich, warm tone and enhances the the grain. Teak oil is great for both indoor and outdoor furniture, but it is particularly useful for protecting patio furniture from the elements.

However, we don’t recommend using teak oil on teak wood outdoor furniture since it will interfere with the natural oil that is already present within the wood.

Minwax teak oil is a thick oil that applies easily. Watch how rain water beads up and rolls off your outdoor furniture after applying even a single coat.

Some people like to apply a teak oil such as this to teak furniture to slow down the wood’s natural graying process. It is effective for this purpose in the short term, but keep in mind if you are applying teak oil to teak furniture, you’ll probably have to reapply it about every 3 months. For a lower maintenance way to preserve the color of teak furniture, consider using a teak sealer instead.

Please note that nearly every “teak oil” on the market does not actually contain oil from teak plants, including this one. Most of what is marketed as teak oil is primarily composed of linseed oil. Real teak wood already has protective oil naturally within, and no treatment is required to protect it from water. However, you can use commercially available teak oils such as this to keep the golden honey color of new teak lasting longer. If you decide to use teak oil to treat teak patio furniture, you’ll need to reapply the teak oil every 3 months or so. When applying, wipe off the excess oil. Adding oil to the exterior of teak wood is a possible way to get small black spots showing up, since the mildew that cause these spots feeds on oil as a food source. All things considered, it is probably better to use a teak sealer than teak oil if you want to maintain the color of young wood.