Refresh Your Tired, End-of-Season Patio Chair Cushions

During a long, hot summer, patio décor can take a real beating. At the end of the season, you may really begin to see where some replacements and changes need to be made. Patio chair cushions usually take the worst beating, enduring spills, fading, tears, and even birds looking for nesting material. You could wait until spring, when everyone else is buying their new cushions, or you could plan way ahead and save some cash by buying at the end of the season, when you’re likely to find some really good deals. In keeping with the early bird idea, here are a few popular selling patio chair cushion models for your consideration:

Pillow Perfect Indoor_Outdoor Red Solid Wicker Seat Cushions, 2-Pack

Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Red Solid Wicker Seat Cushions

First, let’s look at the Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Red Solid Wicker Seat Cushions. Okay, it’s unfortunate that these things come in twos, when you know you’ll always need at least four, but that seems to be an industry conspiracy beyond individual control. Otherwise, this set consists of wicker cushions in a classic, vibrant red. They are completely Polyester, which makes for easy care, which is critical for patio chair cushions. They are filled with Polyester fiber, which is both comfortable and durable. They are versatile, suited for both indoor and outdoor use. One drawback is that they come in only one length.

Here’s the real scoop. They are very thick. Comfort depends on whether button-type quilting is bothersome to you or not. They do wear very well. And if you get caught in a rain shower, just flip the cushion to the dry side. That’s how water repellent these cushions are. Those of you who want to just stretch one cushion across the bottom of, say, a glider or loveseat should be pleased, provided that the cushion shape works for you. The price isn’t bad, with this 2-pack coming in at under $40.

Greendale Home Fashions Indoor_Outdoor High Back Chair Cushion, Marine Blue

Greendale Home Fashions Indoor/Outdoor High Back Chair Cushion, Marine Blue

Here’s another one for those of you who can’t seem to find appealing solid colors in patio chair cushions. The Greendale Home Fashions Indoor/Outdoor High Back Chair Cushion is just slightly pricier than the Pillow Perfect cushions. These three-section cushions promise to hold up a bit better than most to the sun, being made from fabrics that are UV light resistant. The cushions are overstuffed for good wear and comfort and feature ties to keep them in position on your furniture.

These cushions seem to be a very sound deal. They are comfortable and sturdy, they can be used indoors or out, and color fade doesn’t seem to be an issue. The cushions are high-back. So many styles of lawn chair cushions are sold at just one length, but a general search on the Greendale cushion leads to a listing for a shorter length for this one, as well, so consumers are given a choice without having to resort to another merchant. Given the reasonable price, they’re well worth a look.

Outdoor Omnia Lagoon Wicker Seat Cushion

Outdoor Omnia Lagoon Wicker Seat Cushion

Here’s another offering from Pillow Perfect. This time it’s the Outdoor Omnia Lagoon Wicker Seat Cushion. Another set designed for wicker furniture, it is pretty standard in terms of construction: sewn seams, completely Polyester, with Polyester fiber filling. The good news is that this filling is cushy and sturdy; it won’t crush as fast as some. Polyester on the outside makes for easy cleanup with cool water and any mild detergent. Again, it’s a set of two, and again, it comes in only one size, but if you’re looking for value, it’s not bad, running at about $40.

This is a pretty basic set. It doesn’t have features that put it above any other set of lawn cushions, but it sells well. It can be used indoors or out, being designed for wicker furniture. It is easy to care for and it lasts from a reasonable beginning price—all things that point to a good deal.

When it comes down to it, there are tons of choices with regard to lawn chair cushions. Only you know what works with what you already have, and only you know which features will fix the problems with what you already have. The key questions are size, color, shape and price. Each of these products can hold its own for a long time, which just leaves one question: solids or patterns?