Solid Teak Indoor/Outdoor Asian Shower Stool Review

solid teak indoor outdoor asian shower stool

A classic teak Asian shower stool inspired by those used in Japanese bath houses. It’s a timeless design that also comes across as very modern. You’ll love the look and feel of the smooth, solid teak used in this stool’s construction. The seat is 18 inches by 12 inches, and the stool has a height of 18 inches, or one and a half feet. And yet despite having a compact size, this teak stool weighs a full 23 pounds (10 kilograms). That tells you that only high quality, dense teak wood was used in putting it together.

The stool features a very comfortable curved seating surface, which has narrow slats for water drainage. It sits at a perfect height for sitting down in the bath or shower—Very useful when you want to wash your feet or shave your legs. Rubber stoppers line the feet of the stool so that it will not slip on wet tile.

Teak is naturally resistant to water damage and mildew. So you can expect your shower stool to keep looking great for many years. Place it in the bath or shower to add a touch of elegance, which also just happens to be very practical too. Teak wood also can hold up to the elements, so this stool is great for outdoor use as well. It would go well near your pool area, or in an outdoor shower.

Some assembly is required, but it is very to do easy, and the tools that you need are included with the product. Small wood plugs are included for covering up the screws. All the joints fit together well and are quite sturdy. Check to make sure which leg is supposed to go in which slot on the seat. The legs are not interchangeable, but they are clearly marked for which one is supposed to fit on which side. The heaviness of the solid teak used to make this stool gives it a lot of stability. It will be able to support a lot of weight.

You may be afraid to get your teak Asian shower stool wet since it looks like such a luxury item. But don’t worry. Quality teak wood can hold up to any amount of water or moisture. Remember that it has been the preferred wood for shipbuilding for centuries. This is one of those products that you just can’t go wrong with. It would also make a really nice gift for someone special in your life. You can also combine it with a teak shower mat to complete the luxury spa look for your bathroom.