A Teak Bath Mat is a Functional and Beautiful Choice for Any Bathroom

24" grate teak shower mat

Teak is a beautiful dark hardwood, native to Southeast Asia, that has been used in a variety of products. Teak wood contains silica and special oils which give it both water and pest resistant properties. Teak also has the quality, in spite of being a dense hardwood, of being relatively easy for a craftsman to manipulate. As a result of these and other special properties it has become a popular choice for furniture, flooring, and even, in some parts of the world, building material.

Make teak your choice for your next bath mat

teak_bath_mat_rounded_corners A teak bath mat is a suitable choice whether you are replacing your old bath mat, remodeling a whole bathroom, or wanting to enhance the look of a vacation home. The classic look of teak allows it to fit into any environment, A teak bath mat by itself can add a certain elegance to any bathroom. If it is included in a bathroom with other teak wood accessories and furniture the results can be stunning. There are other reasons besides its beauty which make teak a good choice for a bath mat:

  • Teak is resistant to mold and mildew.
  • Teak is resistant to termites and other pests.
  • Teak does not rot readily.
  • A teak bath mat does not need to be stained. Although some people choose to apply an oil to bring out the natural colors many find the wood to be beautiful without treating it in any way.

Because of the qualities mentioned above, your teak bath mat has the potential to last a very long time, This should be taken into account when considering a teak bath mat’s relatively high expense when compared to a cloth or rubber bath mat.

Teak bath mats come in many styles

The two most common styles of teak bath mats are slat style mats and grate style mats. The latter, as the name implies, has teak wood sections laid in one direction while others intersect those at right angles thereby creating a grate like appearance. The pieces are placed in such a manner as to leave gaps between which allows for water run off. The slats on a slat style mat allow for water run off by leaving a space between the slats.

roll-up teak mat
roll-up teak mat

There are some interesting variations on the slat style mats. The most common style is for the slats to be laid across two or three base pieces: in such cases, of course, the mat is rigid. A roll up mat is also available. These are made by attaching the slats to string or other flexible material allowing the mat to be rolled into a cylindrical shape. This can be advantageous for storage.

One interesting looking mat placed the slats in a maze type design rather than simply lying across the base. This raises interesting possibilities about what other designs might be possible given the reputation teak has for being a relatively easy wood for a craftsman to manipulate.

teak maze spa mat
teak maze spa mat

Teak is a unique kind of wood. Its resistance to mold, mildew, pests and water damage all make it a good choice for products in the bath or shower. When you also consider its natural beauty and how long it can last, teak wood might just be the best choice for bath mats.