Le Spa Teak Floor Mat

Le Spa’s rectangular teak floor mat is one of my favorite from a purely visual appeal. It has a very simple and elegant design with good overall dimensions. I like how it’s about exactly twice as wide as it is long. In my opinion, this just seems more stylish than a more squared-off floor mat would be. If you can find this model in stock, I’d jump on it and pick it up, because they go fast.

It is perfect for use as a shower mat in the bathroom to give your surroundings a spa feel. This teak floor mat is also well suited for outdoor use next to the pool, an outdoor shower, or a jacuzzi.
teak rectangular floor mat for shower pool or spa

Now for some details. This here is a precision-built teak floor mat. The overall dimensions of this rectangular shower mat are 39.5 inches long by 19.75 inches. If you find it easier to think in feet, that would be about 3 and a quarter feet long by almost 2 feet wide. This makes it quite a bit longer than most of the other teak shower mats that you can find. So if the appearance of a long teak floor mat appeals to you, this would be a great choice. Also the height is one inch.

The teak used to make this floor mat is all plantation grown, government approved teak from Indonesia, one of the top teak producing countries. This means it comes from a sustainable source where new trees are constantly being replanted for every one that is harvested. It is important when selecting teak wood products to choose environmentally responsible sources such as this. The pieces are all machine cut for precise fitting.

The manufacturer states that all of the wood comes from Grade A and Grade B teak. It is quite refreshing to see that they are honest about using Grade B teak instead of just trying to pass off all the wood as Grade A teak. That said, there is nothing at all wrong with using Grade B teak for a floor mat such as this. These two grades of teak refer to the mature and immature heartwood, respectively. Both contain the natural oil of the teak tree that is the key to giving teak wood natural, lasting protection from water, fungus, rot, and pests. The difference is only in the amount of the oil content and the density of the wood. They kiln dry all the teak wood in the proper manner before assembling it into furniture and wood products, which is the real key in making a teak wood product that will last.

As you can see, this teak floor mat looks beautiful. It will really give your bath or shower area that luxury spa ambiance. Or if you keep it by the pool it will hold up well outdoors, even if you keep it outside during the winter. Teak is naturally resistant to mold and mildew. You can easily clean and care for teak shower furniture such as this. It will only take an hour or so per year to keep it looking great for a long time to come.