Reclaimed Teak Simple Backless Bench

reclaimed teak simple backless bench

For a unique outdoor furniture item, this reclaimed teak bench makes an interesting choice. It is made entirely from reclaimed teak timber from old buildings. Each bench is truly one of a kind, with a unique charm inherent in the reused teak wood.

Old teak timber is salvaged from deconstructed buildings and sanded to a smooth finish. Existing nail holes and other rough spots are filled in with wood plugs. And then a clear coat of sealing is applied over the whole surface to help preserve the color of the wood.

The dimensions of this piece are 57×14 inches for the surface of the bench seat and 18 inches in height. A reclaimed teak bench such as this makes a great impression either indoors or outdoors. It would match up very well in a room set up to display a collection of antiques, country style crafts, or knick-knacks. Outdoors, it would be great as a place to sit in a garden environment. You could also have it near an entrance as a spot for welcome seating. You might also want to put it just inside your front door as a bench for visitors to sit on while lacing up boots and such.

If you want a wooden bench with some character to it, this reclaimed teak bench might be just what you’re looking for.