Amazonia Teak Newcastle 4-Foot Teak Bench


If you’re in the market for a very solid and sturdy teak wood bench, then check out Amazonia Teak’s 4-foot Newcastle bench. At four feet in length, it’s neither too big nor too small.

This bench is constructed of high quality teak wood.

A handsome piece of outdoor furniture, it looks even better in real life than inĀ  pictures. The wood is a nice light brown when new, and will fade naturally to a lovely gray patina.

Teak furniture is easy to care for with a thorough cleaning once or twice a year the minimum. When considering buying teak outdoor furniture, a simple, yet attractive and well-built bench is always a solid choice.

Top selling teak wood bench

Amazonia makes one of the best-selling teak wood benches on the market. I believe this is such popular choice because of the simple and classic design that never goes out of style.

There’s no fancy artistic frills that might look dated in 10-15 years.

It’s also rather comfortable as far as hardwood benches go. If you notice carefully, the seat is not perfectly flat but rather has a bit of contour to it. This makes it much more comfy to sit in for a longer period of time compared to a perfectly flat bench seat.

Possible downsides

The one possible downside of this bench involves the assembly. For many people the assembly is a bit involved and can turn out to be a rather time-consuming task. So just be forewarned that you may need to be a bit patient while putting it together.

Another point to consider is that sometimes when shipping a large wood item such as this that pieces may break in transit. If you find this is the case, contact the company immediately to request replacements. I would not count this as a point to deter you from purchasing this item since it isn’t really the fault of the manufacturer. What happens once the delivery company takes over is largely out of the seller’s control.

Overall rating

All things considered, I’d give the Amazonia 4-foot teak bench a solid 4 out of 5 stars. For the price, it’s a good solid piece of garden furniture that should last you many years.


4 foot teak wood bench