Teak 5 – Position Steamer Chair

5-position teak steamer chair

Here is a decent quality Teak Steamer Chair by All Things Cedar that can be set in 5 different positions. This teak steamer chair comes already stained lightly with teak oil. This gives the chair a nice rich color for now, but I consider it a negative point that the chair is already treated with oil. It would be better to leave it up to the buyer whether or not they want to treat teak furniture with oil.

Grade A teak wood already contains natural oils that will protect it from water. The fact that this steamer chair comes already oiled combined with the fact that it can be sold at such a large discount makes me suspicious that the teak wood used to construct this chair may be inferior teak. The oil may be a way to try to hide irregular color in the wood. Or it could just be that the manufacturer thinks the oiled appearance will impress more people.

If you keep with chair outdoors, as it is intended to be, you are going to need to reapply teak oil from time to time as the oil dries out. Had the teak steamer chair never been treated with oil in the first place, you’d be able to choose if you wanted to let the wood’s color fade naturally or treat it with a teak sealer. So it you decide to purchase this chair, keep in mind that it may need periodic maintenance to prevent its appearance from deteriorating too quickly over time.

That being said, this is still a really nice chair. It looks fantastic, and the brass fittings will hold up well. The seat and back are curved for better comfort. And the adjustable footrest will help add to your overall relaxation. This would be a nice addition to any patio.