Teak Chaise Lounge Chair

Teak chaise lounge chair

A grade A teak chaise lounge chair would be a great piece of outdoor furniture to have for relaxing in the sun in your backyard or out by the pool. This particular model is available at a rather big discounted price at the time of writing. If it’s top quality teak, that would be excellent.

Aside from the cheaper price, the fact that this teak lounge chair comes pre-oiled is a possible sign that the wood is not superior quality. Grade A teak from the mature heartwood is fully permeated with its own protective oils and should not be treated with so-called “teak oil” on the exterior. The reason for this is that the solvents in the oil can actually break down and damage the natural oil in the wood, while at the same time, any excess oil left on the wood’s exterior can be an environment for mildew growth.

Some people like to oil their outdoor teak furniture to bring out the color of the wood and try to keep it from fading to a gray color. However, once to start oiling teak wood, you’ll have to keep reapplying oil fairly often, tying yourself into a never-ending cycle of maintenance. A more effective strategy is to use a teak protector. Teak furniture that has been treated with oil will need to be cleaned thoroughly before applying a teak protector to remove the oil, otherwise there could be an unpredictable reaction between the two products. If you decide to get this lounge chair, I’d recommend you to pick up some Golden Care teak cleaner and teak protector to take care of it so you won’t have to worry about any problems from the oil.

The good news is that the manufacturer, All Things Cedar, identifies the wood used to make the chaise lounger as plantation-grown teak from Java. It’s been harvested in an environmentally sustainable manner to ensure future generations can enjoy the benefits of teak furniture. The wood should hold up for many years kept outdoors just fine, although still I’d recommend treating it with a teak protector to be on the safe side.

The chaise lounge chair is a great design. You’ve got multiple positions for the backrest and legs support, so you can try out different levels of recline. There’s also a slide out table try for keeping your drink or your favorite paperback. A pair of rubber lined wheels make it easy to roll the lounger into position. It’s very handy if you want to periodically move the chair to stay within the shade of a tree as the sun moves across the sky.