5 Piece Luxurious Grade-A Teak Dining Set – 48″ Round Butterfly Table Review

5 piece grade A teak dining set 48 inch round table

If you are shopping for an excellent small patio set, this 5-piece circular teak dining set is an excellent value.

Solid teak outdoor furniture is well suited to exposure to the elements. Even without any special care, this teak dining set should last many decades.Teak wood is thick with natural oil that keeps water and insects out.

The 4 foot wide circular butterfly table can fold up for easy storage. It features a built-in umbrella stand, with a removable plug covering a 2-inch hole in the center of the table. The 4 chairs are wide and solidly built. Get extra cushions if you’d like, but they are still fine even without any. The chairs also stack nicely for easy storage.

Untreated teak will naturally fade in color to a graceful silver gray, without the wood getting any less strong. If you like the golden color of the new wood, you can use teak oil to slow down the color change, but you’ll have to keep applying teak oil every few months for the life of the set.

A better option is to use teak sealer once a year after a good cleaning. But the best, in my opinion, is to let your teak furniture grow old gracefully. For genuine teak patio furniture, this dining set is an exceptional bargain.