Teakworks4u Teak Shower/Bath Mat (36″ x 30″) Review


The Teakworks4u Teak Shower/Bath Mat can be used for many purposes. It drains water after your bath, it helps you give a firm surface to stand on, and it’s also a stylish and beautiful bathroom fixture. After getting out of your shower or bath, the bath mat can help support you while you towel off. And when you’re done, your family and your friends will be impressed by the handsome piece. It is also a convenient place for support, where you can safely put your accessories temporarily without resorting to dumping them on the ground. That’s especially important in a small bathroom that can often get crowded.

This shower mat is made of a smoky, red-brown Burmese teak wood, finely sanded for a smooth surface. It is made of thin slats with narrow spaces. These are in order to ensure water drainage while still being comfortable for your feet. The mat is larger than usual—36 inches by 30 inches—so it’s perfect if you’re looking to share it with a certain special someone. All of the hardware is stainless steel to prevent unsightly rust spots from the water. Unlike rubber, foam, or cloth mats, this one is durable and made to last.

If you’re looking for something luxurious to jazz up your bathroom—or just a solid, well-built shower mat—the Teakworks4u Teak Shower/Bath Mat is a great choice. It holds up very well to everyday use, while giving the whole bathroom a spa-like Zen atmosphere that helps you relax and take a bath or a shower. The teak wood construction makes it naturally fungus-resistant. The hard, cool wood is also nice to stand or sit on. Compare that to a wet, moldy carpet!

Once you look at the mat, you’ll be convinced of its high quality. Its fine grain, slightly beveled edges, and carved details show obvious care and attention to detail. It’s a great addition to any bathroom, whatever your needs and preferences are.