Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Teak Shower Bench

buy teak shower bench

There are many great reasons to buy a shower bench made from genuine teak wood. They really are such great items to have—you could come up with dozens of uses for one. Here we’ll just look at the top ten most compelling reasons to buy a teak shower bench for you or someone you know.

1. Teak furniture looks beautiful

Teak is a very attractive variety of wood, so it’s no surprise that it is used extensively in the furniture industry. In particular, teak ages very well—giving anything crafted from it a regal appearance that grows over time. Rather than getting bathroom furniture made in gaudy colors or cheap materials, you should consider teak wood, as it adds a luxurious touch to your bathroom reminiscent of a luxury spa.

2. Teak wood is heavy-duty

Teak is one of the heaviest and most dense wood varieties around. The heartwood of the teak tree is saturated with natural oils. These oils both protect and strengthen the wood. This makes it an extremely sturdy material for furniture making. In particular, this is a sought after trait for furniture that will be used around water because it provides extra stability and balance.

3. Teak is the ideal material for bathroom furniture

As mentioned above, the natural oils found in teak wood give it protection. Not only does the oil discourage insects from attacking the wood, but it also prevents the growth of fungus and acts as a shield to stop water from penetrating the wood’s interior. Of course shower furniture is bound to get wet, so this resistance to water damage makes teak the ideal natural material for such products.

4. You’ll have cleaner feet

How many of us really take the time to clean our feet well in the shower? Balancing on one foot to scrub your toes is not so easy to do, especially when soap and shampoo residue can make the shower floor a very slippery surface to stand on. Sitting down on a teak bench in the shower makes it so much easier to scrub away dead skin and callouses from the bottom of your feet to give them the kind of thorough cleaning that they really deserve.

5. It makes shaving your legs easier

Just as sitting down makes it easier to scrub your toes, it also makes shaving your legs a much simpler task. Why try to shave while balancing awkwardly on one foot or while bent over and making yourself light-headed? The much easier way is to sit down on a shower bench so you can reach every inch of your legs easily.

6. Stability and convenience for mobility impaired

As mentioned, teak is one of the heaviest varieties of wood. This makes any teak furniture items very stable. For this reason, a teak shower bench is perfect for anyone whose mobility is impaired. For those with trouble getting around, having something to sit on in the shower makes bathing just that much easier.

7. Keep your shower organized

Many shower benches are designed with a shelf below the seat. This makes a great place to keep your bottles of shampoo, shower cream, and other bath products. Besides just looking neater and more organized, having these items up off the shower floor will prevent water from collecting and discourage mildew growth.

luxury spa teak shower bench 8. It makes a great gift

If you are stumped on what to get your husband, wife, or close relative for their birthday or as a Christmas gift, you should consider a teak shower bench or stool. First of all, teak furniture is very attractive and high quality, so your loved one will be impressed right off the bat. Secondly, a shower bench is an incredibly useful item, so you can feel proud in knowing that you picked out a gift that they’ll be getting use out of each day instead of something impractical that will just sit in the corner gathering dust.

9. Teak benches can be used outside too

As the name implies, a shower bench is designed to be used in the bathroom. However, that’s not the only place they can be used. The water-resistant properties of teak furniture make it ideal for use outdoors as well. So whether you want to use your bench near the pool, in the garden, or on the patio—a teak bench is the right one to get.

10. Decorate around the house

There is something about wood that makes it very soothing to look at. You can use a small teak bench to give any area of your home an extra decorative touch—one that is warm and inviting. Match it with some collectible items or exotic textiles to give a new feel to any room in the home. Teak furniture has a simple, minimalist beauty that can be used to add a Zen-like touch to any part of your house.

Teak benches for the bath or shower come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. Click here to find great deals on many available models. If you have a look around, you’re bound to find one that strikes your fancy.