The Value of a Teak Wooden Bath Mat

teak rectangular floor mat for shower pool or spa Wooden bath mats are becoming more popular, particularly those made from teak wood. Any mat that is continuously exposed to water is going to endure the effects of the moisture. This is why teak is a superior product for the job. Teak is a tropical hardwood that is highly resistant to water damage. That is what makes it so useful for areas that come into frequent contact with water, condensation and humidity.

The benefits of a wooden bath mat made of teak

Teak Station’s top rated teak bath mat

While there is a huge variety of wooden bath mats on the market, such as bamboo, acacia and others, none of these products will hold up as long or as well as those constructed from teak wood. The reason for this is that teak is the most highly resistant to water. High quality grade A teak produces natural oils that act as a wood preservative, which makes any product crafted from this material more durable. In addition, teak has a unique leather like fragrance, that gives it a high end quality. The investment in a teak wood bath mat is not only a good choice because it’s long lasting, but it also helps to create a pleasant ambiance to any room.

Uses for teak wood bath mats

These versatile bath mats can be used indoors in your home bathrooms, showers, or in the pool room or spa areas. They create an attractive addition to any room. Teak bath mats come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs so you can choose one that fits into nearly any space where needed, and also works well with your present decor.

teak station wooden bath mat
A teak bath mat is perfect for stepping out of the tub


Who should purchase teak wooden bath mats

Any homeowner who takes pride in the appearance of their home will benefit from the purchase of a teak bath mat. They are popular, stylish, and practical because of their durability. Also, anyone who has a spa or pool room would benefit from the use of teak bath mats. In addition to making lovely home additions, businesses that operate showering and bathing facilities, such as spas, swimming pools and other water related activities will benefit from the use of these products. They add a touch of flair that adds to the overall ambiance of an area, and for business, any extra care given to the atmosphere sends a message of caring and pride to patrons.

Wooden bath mats that are crafted from teak wood make lovely and practical additions to any environment. They are naturally resistant to the damaging effects of water and other elements which makes them a long lasting product that can be used for years to come. Although teak is a little more expensive than other materials, the investment will pay for itself over time, as replacement of teak products is much less frequent than with other types of wooden bath mats. With a large variety of sizes, shapes and designs to choose from, you will be able to find the mat that complements your bathing area and suits your individual tastes in decor. If you’re looking for the best quality in wooden bath mats, make yours a teak one.