Windsor 15-Piece Teak Dining Set Review

windsor grade-A 15-piece teak dining set

In today’s review, we’re going to look at the Windsor 15-Piece Teak Dining Set. This set is made up of an 118-inch extension table and 14 Chippendale stacking chairs. Yes, I’ll say right off the bat that this patio set is on the more expensive side, but as you all know, usually you end up getting what you pay for. In this case, you’d be getting a gorgeous, super high-quality outdoor dining set that will get a ton of compliments.

Windsor 15-Piece Teak Dining Set Details

First of all, it’s quite rare to come across any 15-piece teak dining set. The largest are usually 13 pieces, so to get a total of 14 chairs with this set means you’re getting a whole lot of furniture.

Now as for the actual design of the chairs, they have a unique Chippendale woodwork pattern in the backrests. You can tell right away that these are the result of skilled craftsmanship. The chairs also stack up for convenient storage, and have contoured seats.

windsor teak chippendale dining chair

The table is a double-leaf extension model that reaches 118″ when both leaves are pulled out. With both closed, it runs to 78″. And with only one leaf in place the table is 98″. The butterfly style extensions are super easy open and close, taking just a few seconds to expand the table.


The chairs weigh in at 19 pounds each, and the table weighs a hefty 150 pounds. This gives you over 400 pounds of solid teak wood.


The number one positive comment I can make is on the quality of the wood and workmanship. Windsor Teak uses only genuine grade A teak from mature 45-50 year old trees that has been properly kiln-dried. This guarantees wood with the highest level of naturally occurring protective oil, while at the same time reducing the possibility of warping, splitting, or cracking. All the pieces are fitted using machined mortise and tendon joints for precision that will hold up for decades.

The second comment I have to make is on the beauty of the chair design. If you want something that is going to get attention, these chairs are it. There’s absolutely nothing boring about the Chippendale woodwork design on the chair backs. Clearly more effort went into creating these than you get in typical patio chairs.

An additional plus is the intelligent design of the umbrella hole and base. The patio umbrella hole sits in a central section of the table that stays in place whether or not the leaves are extended. Secondly, the central bracing piece running along ground level will double as the umbrella base, along you to use any standard patio umbrella without having to purchase a separate umbrella base.


Honestly, the only two negative points you could make with this set are that it might be too expensive for your budget or it might be too large for your patio area. But I highly doubt anyone interested in this set will find objection based on these two points. If your patio isn’t large enough to accommodate a 118-inch table and 14 chairs, then you wouldn’t be considering a 15-piece set to begin with.

As for the price, when you consider the size of the set and the quality of the pieces, I think it’s quite fair. Rather than take chances with a cheaper set, you can be certain that this one is going to last a lifetime. Windsor Teak even backs up their work with a 5-year warranty.

Buying Recommendation

For a patio set to impress and hold large gatherings, look no further. Cleaning the chairs may be a little extra work due to the intricate design of the backs, but I think an extra hour of cleaning time once a year is a small price to pay. Spend once for the best quality, and you get to enjoy this beautiful set for a lifetime. All-in-all it’s not a bad choice.