Grade A Teak Wood Luxurious Outdoor Garden 5 Feet Bench

5 feet outdoor garden teak bench

These days everyone is choosing to spend more quality time at home. The the weather warms up, mush of that time can be spent enjoying the outdoors in your own backyard. And to do so in style, you’ll want to pick up some great outdoor furniture pieces.

So if you’re thinking about adding some backyard furniture, but not sure which direction to go in, then why not consider a nice teak bench?

A classic hardwood bench would look great at the edge of the garden, under a large shady maple tree, or even on a back porch.

Teak is the wood of choice for outside furnishings. It holds up well to the elements and also holds up to Father Time. With minimal care, you can keep teak wood looking fantastic year in and year out.

One model that you may like is the 5 foot Giva Collection bench from Wholesale Teak.

The Wholesale Teak Giva Collection 5-foot bench is a truly excellent outdoor teak bench for the price. It features stunning craftsmanship, and is made from genuine Grade-A teak. When you see it in real life, it looks even better than in the photo.

A curved back bench for comfortable sitting, it’s perfect for the porch or the patio. it has a simple, yet stylish design that will keep looking good for many years.

Five feet in length gives lots of sitting room. Just think how nice a family portrait would look with this teak bench as the setting!